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Wet  Wipe  Rinse  Reuse

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What happens when modern technology meets your daily makeup removal/shave prep needs?  One nanotechnology cloth fits all.  With BSL Natural cloths, men and women can kiss tacky, chemical-laden wipes goodbye and say hello to a go-to daily reusable cleansing cloth that removes dead skin cells, makeup and dirt not only visually, but beyond the surface of the skin using water only.  Don't let its demure appearance fool you - it's green appeal and safe effective patented weave have unlimited applications.  BSL Natural cloths will become your faces' (lashes') easy-to-use, pleasant and consistent clean up cloth you choose to use evermore.  It’s hot off the loom and the “it” of facial cleansing.

 Travel-friendly.  Reusable-green.  Soft, yet tough: BSL Natural is one sexy little towel.

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