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Q:What are BSL Natural cloths?

A:BSL Natural cloths are the answer to beauty consumers’ universal and age-old need for quick, easy, and pleasant makeup removal and skincare needs. Our cosmetic grade fiber filaments (1/100 human hair) go far beyond the surface of the skin trapping and removing all oil, makeup, dead skin cells, dirt and debris. The patent nanotechnology of our cloth is advanced, but the beauty of our product is its simplicity and reusability, which you can soon experience for yourself with just the use of water.


Q:How do you use BSL Natural cloths?

A:Drench your BSL Natural cloth in warm water. In a circular motion, gently remove oil, dirt, cosmetics and dead skin cells away from the skin(and don't leave out your neck or chest). There is no need for harsh scrubbing. Use light pressure - BSL Natural cloths will do all of the work for you.


Q:What are the benefits of BSL Natural cloths?

A:The removal of oil, dead skin cells and other debris will stimulate the growth of new skin cells encouraging the increased production of collagen and elastin, reducing wrinkles, fine lines and improving the overall texture of the skin. Different from your tacky chemical-laden wipes, our reusable, environment friendly, patent microfiber cloth will refine your largest organ without the use of any harsh toxins. You can transform your beauty regimen with just the use of water!


Q:What are BSL Natural cloths made of?

A:80% polyester/20% polyamide — Cloths described as "microfiber" can vary widely in the size of the fibers they use and therefore in their cleansing effectiveness. 


Q:Do BSL Natural cloths contain dye?

A:BSL Natural cloths, except *HOT PINK and BLACK(around by popular demand), are dye-free . *HOT PINK and BLACK cloths bleed dye but can be avoided if machine washed prior to initial use. Still the same great BSL Natural clean!


Q:What makes BSL Natural cloths antibacterial?

A:BSL Natural cloths have tiny fiber filaments 1/100 human hair (3-5 microns) that absorb more particles of oil, dirt and “typical” bacteria (1-5 microns) than any other known fabric; trapping and preventing it from spreading over the surface of your skin. The patent nanotech fiber filaments used in BSL Natural cloths can’t remove anything bigger than themselves — accurately describing them as antibacterial. 


Q:How do BSL Natural cloths work with just water?

A:Water is pretty good at cleaning most things by itself. That's because its molecules have two very different ends. They're electrically unbalanced, so they stick to all kinds of things like tiny magnets and break them apart. In combination with our BSL Natural patent nanotech fiber filaments, the oil, dead skin cells, debris and bacteria are trapped effectively cleansing beyond the surface of the skin. 


Q:Can BSL Natural cloths be used for your body?

A:YES! Use them anytime you need a squeaky green clean. Prior to shaving to eliminate ingrown hairs and razor bumps, to exfoliate dry/flaky skin (including lips) due to winter weather and sun damage or after chemical spa treatments — just to name a few.


Q:How do I clean BSL Natural cloths?

A:Rinse BSL Natural cloth with soap as necessary to remove all dirt, debris and makeup residue (it's important you rinse the cloth after each use to ensure best results). Finally, rinse your BSL Natural cloth in HOT water and lie flat to dry. Machine wash BSL Natural cloths between hand washing with detergent in hot or warm water. Washing at a high temperature makes the microfibers expand and open their fiber filaments, releasing trapped oils, dead skin cells, makeup, debris, and micro particles. Do not wash BSL Natural cloths with terry towels or other lint materials. Wash them separately or throw them in the wash with jeans or t-shirts. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENERS OR BLEACH as these products break down the fiber filaments. Over time, harsh chemicals, such as those contained in bleach and fabric softeners, will decrease the effectiveness and durability of the cosmetic grade microfiber material. Lie BSL Natural cloth flat to dry and avoid the dryer to prevent shrinking and damage. Do not iron. 


Q:Can you use BSL Natural cloths on acne?

A:YES! BSL Natural cloths aren't only effective but extremely cost efficient at a fraction of what a Dermatologist or microdermabrasion visit would set you back. Diminish acne, whiteheads, and blackheads, minimize scars, and clear clogged pores from dirt and bacteria without disrupting the pH levels in your skin — all with just water!


Q:Who can benefit from BSL Natural cloths?

A:Anyone with SKIN! And anyone who wants “CLEAN” skin!

Q:Can I use BSL Natural cloths if I have permanent makeup?

A:YES! It’s still important to remove oil, dead skin cells and other debris on a daily basis to  stimulate the growth of new skin cells. BSL Natural cloths can improve the overall texture of the skin and increase production of collagen and elastin.

Q:How long will BSL Natural cloths last?

A:BSL Natural cloths will have different results on an individual basis depending on daily use, proper use, proper care, products, skin care regimen but really there are too many factors to give a definitive answer. Order replacement BSL Natural cloths when you no longer feel the stick of the fiber filaments against your skin. 


Q:Does BSL Natural guarantee results?

A:NO! Because there are so many variables, there are no firm answers to this question. I invite you to try BSL Natural cloths or to test them against traditional makeup wipes/cleansers. I’m sure you’ll experience a true, clean feeling beyond your expectations and that BSL Natural cloths will become the easy-to-use, pleasant and consistent clean up cloth you choose to use evermore!


Q:How do BSL Natural cloths save you money?

A:It's estimated that by using a mild range of body and skin care products, the average American woman applies more than 200 different chemicals to her skin a day($$$). BSL Natural cloths aren't only effective, chemical free, and reusable but extremely cost efficient — a fraction of what you would pay at a department store, doctor’s office or spa. 

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