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Reorders must be ordered in quantities of 5 (mixture of any color). Reorders are a minimum of $125. Orders that don't meet the minimum could be charged a $25 special order fee.

All pricing is subject to change at any time.


We accept all major credit cards as a form of payment including PayPal.


BSL Natural, for resale only at the physical location approves all orders purchased. Product cannot be sold, transferred or given to another entity, vendor, distributor or anyone else that had the intention to re-sell the product. BSL Natural, products may not be shipped to a substitute location or sold over the Internet without prior written approval

Applicable USPS shipping fees will be added at the time of delivery and are based on the total gross weight of all packages. Please ask your sales & client service executive for express shipping details.


1 Ounce

    BSL Natural cloths are the answer to beauty consumers’ universal and age-old need for quick, easy, and pleasant makeup removal and skincare needs. Our cosmetic grade fiber filaments (1/100 human hair) go far beyond the surface of the skin trapping and removing all oil, makeup, dead skin cells, dirt and debris. The patent nanotechnology of our cloth is advanced, but the beauty of our product is its simplicity and reusability, which you can soon experience for yourself with just the use of water.


    Drench your BSL Natural cloth in warm water. In a circular motion, gently remove oil, dirt, cosmetics and dead skin cells away from the skin(and don't leave out your neck or chest). There is no need for harsh scrubbing. Use light pressure - BSL Natural cloths will do all of the work for you.

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